For every member of the family!

We are a full support service for all the family, come explore the range of work we do and the support we provide for all ages and members looking to get involved!

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Come see what we do

Come find out more on our range of services for mums and families that want to get the best out of their children and themselves.

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Dads Matter Too!

We have a great selection of activities and events specifically for dads!

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Come explore what we do at ABBEY Sure Start!

For ages 0 to under 4

Our services target children aged 0 to under 4 and have different fun packed activities and courses that all members of the family can share and get involved in.


Get the most from your baby

2At Abbey Sure Start we have a wide range of services to help you get the most of your baby and learn from others on great ways to grow with your new baby or toddler.


All under one roof!

3There is so much going on right now at Sure Start. You can stay up to speed and not miss out on our latest info for all updates at our news and events pages….


Click here to view our catchment area map to see if you live in our area!.